Sales Terms and Conditions

Updated 14-Sep-2023

The following are our sales terms and conditions. See also our copyright, privacy, terms of use, website disclaimer, and email policies.

Sales Terms

  • All sales are final.
  • All shipping (for physical publications) may take 3-5 days in Thailand and 2-3 weeks for International shipping (3-4 weeks for Australia), though there are occasionally delays due to extended holidays in Thailand.
  • All electronic publications include a subscription to all updates in the future.
  • All works Copyright © 2009-2019 Lanna Innovation Co., Ltd. and Classics Press LLC, All rights reserved. No part of these publications may be reprinted, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission in writing from the publishers.
  • We aim to create quality publications, make them widely available, and offer them at a fair price.