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Updated 28-Jun-2024

Free Thai Font Collection

We have curated and host for free download a large collection of open source fonts in our Thai Font Collection. From this collection we have selected 20 fonts for use in our Thai Font Poster.

Thai Consonants and Thai Vowels Cards

Our most popular products are:

For those who have purchased these cards already and are looking for more instructions and videos, please click the product links above and scroll down the product description page for more information.

How to order the Thai language and food cards and posters.

  • If in the US or UK, order from and (links below)
  • If in Thailand, order from Lazada (links below)
  • If anywhere else, order directly from this website (shipping from Thailand)

Order Direct from this store (shipping from Thailand)

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In Thailand, order from Lazada

Shipping via EMS arrives within 1 week or less.

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Shipping directly within the USA by Amazon, usually 1 week or less.

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