Gau Gai กอ ไก่ – Second Edition

Updated 28-Jun-2024

There are both substantive and subtle changes to the Thai Alphabet Cards. For the Thai Consonants, we add the ten numbers (0-9) as ten additional cards, and then on the consonant cards themselves, the significant changes are:

  • Multiple English Transliteration / Transcription (Haas/AUA, IPA, Paiboon)
  • Multiple font (typeface) variations (JS Thanaporn, JS Sirium, Purisa, JS Chanok, JS Chawlewhieng)
  • Improvements to the tone graph, and
  • Indicating the tone rule for the class inside the image for the consonant (an attempt at a visual mnemonic for tone class rules/tone class membership)

What has not changed (and remain from the original edition) includes:

  • The Sammy Diagram for the manner and place of articulation of the consonant sound;
  • The Thai consonant name;
  • The writing order and direction;
  • An indicator of a dead or live consonant (triangle or circle);
  • Inside the dead/live indicator, the sound for the consonant when it is in final consonant position;
  • An indicator of the tone rules for the class (mid-tone for long vowels, low-tone for short vowels);
  • The name of the class to which it belongs; and
  • The number of the card (in the deck order)